Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tulle Pew Bows - Simple How-To

by Decorating With Tulle
How-To While seemingly a simple task, tulle pew bows sometimes pose difficulties for those who have never worked with tulle before. Follow these easy to understand instructions and I will show you how simple it could be to make tulle bows.
What you need
  • A tape measure
  • Marking pen
  • 5 yards of Tulle (6″ wide)
 this can be any color or type of tulle netting; such as silk tulle or shimmer tulle
  • Large piece of cardboard
  • 4 large corsage pins
Note that the following instructions are a do it yourself guide to decorating with tulle and the calculations are based on making one 12″ diameter tulle pew bow (i.e.: 1 foot).
Larger pew bows are usually 18″ in diameter and require 7 yards of tulle, whereas smaller pew bows are 8″ and require 4 yards of tulle. 
The size of the pew bow effects 2 things when making them; the measurements you use as well as the amount of tulle you need to get the job done.
Plan accordingly when shopping for discount tulle, as you want to know how many pew bows you’re gonna make as well as the size of the roll needed ( always buy more than what you calculate for because mistakes do happen).
Step 1
As previously mentioned, first you must decide on the size/diameter of the bow you want and plan accordingly. Since we are doing a 12″ bow, lets measure as such. Get out that tape measure, your piece of cardboard, and a marking pen. Measure out a distance of 12″ on the cardboard and mark both the starting and ending points with a pen to indicate where the tulle will go.
Step 2
Cut your 5 yards of tulle into 2 pieces, one that measures 4 yards and one that measures 1 yard. Now take the piece that measures 4 yards and place one end of it at the markings you made and pin it down using 2 of your large corsage pins (one for each corner of that end).
Step 3
Now you want to begin folding the remainder of the tulle back and forth, essentially creating a pleaded look like you would find on an accordion. So now with one end pinned down, start bringing the remainder of the tulle towards the 2nd marking you made (12 inches from the other one) and fold it back and pin it down. Continue to duplicate this weaving step until you have at least 5 done on each side, try your very best to have the same number of loops on each side. Remember, you are removing the pins, folding the tulle and re-pinning all in one motion. The pins should continue to stay 12″ apart and should be placed in each of the 4 corners to help keep the tulle in place.
Step 4
Pin and secure all corners of the pleaded tulle with the large corsage pins. Next, slide a 3′ length of tulle under the pinned down bow (i.e.: 1 yard) with your hand until both ends that are hanging out are of equal length. This additional tulle you have hanging out here is what you’re gonna use to tie the center of the bow.
Step 5
Using the hanging ends, tie the 3′ length of tulle into a snug square knot in the center of bow (should be 6″ from each side). Your bow should now look to be pinned down at all four corners and have tight knot right in the center of it with all of the excess tulle hanging down the bow as a “tail”.
Step 6
Now you are ready to unpin the bow at each of the 4 corners and let the fun begin. Start to fluff out the layers and the loops of the bow to create a finished, more “poofier” product. The best trick is to get your hand inside of the large loops on the ends to help you twist and begin to fluff them all up. Now that one tulle pew bow is made, you can simply repeat steps 1 through 6 to make as many as you like….trust me, the process will become easier and quicker over time
Step 7
This one is optional, but is performed quite often. You can show your creative side even more and decorate your tulle pew bow with other accessories such as ribbons, greenery, or even flowers. Anything that will help accent the theme of the party or occasion. You are now finally ready to hang your tulle bow on a pew or a table.

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