Friday, July 29, 2011

Candy Popper Favors

by Posh Paperie and Jackie Wonders via Style Me Pretty

How completely and totally adorable are these Candy Poppers. Perfectly placed on each dinner plate, they are that little bit of whimsy, little bit of sweetness that every wedding needs.

tissue paper roll
double stick tape
1.75 x 5 piece of cardstock
page of crepe paper

Step One: Place double stick tape on crepe paper put tissue paper roll on tape and roll across crepe paper apply tape on end of crepe paper and secure.
Step Two: Twist one end of crepe paper and secure with ribbon, tie in bow.
Step Three: Fill roll with candy.
Step Four: Twist other end and secure with ribbon, tie in bow.
Step Five: Fold cardstock and cut on an angle, to create a “flag” look write message and attach tag to finished roll.

Thank you so much to Elizabeth and Karrie at Posh Paperie for this fabulous DIY project
And to Jackie Wonders for photographing.

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