Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Super Easy Heart Centerpiece

by Wedding Flowers and Reception Ideas           


How-To - You can make your own centerpieces very easily by using Oasis pre-shaped foam. Here is a lovely design that works up very quick and uses Oasis mini hearts that are filled with Oasis florist foam.Using a Mini Heart from Oasis, soak your the foam in water that's been treated with a flower food to ensure that the arrangement will stay fresh. Glue or pin the outer part of the heart design with Sisal.

Sisal comes in many different colors. Don't feel you have to just use red as shown. Pin (with colored pearl pins or greening pins) the Sisal onto the edge of the heart. You can glue if you prefer - just allow time to dry and use a floral adhesive that is impervious to water.

Cut your flowers so that the stems are about 2" long. Insert them deeply into the water soaked foam.

After filling in the complete heart shape with flowers, you may accent with flower jewelry, such as pearl headed pins. This adds "instant glamour" to your centerpiece for a very low cost!

Cut three flowers at varying heights and insert the stems in between the tightly clustered flower heads as shown.

There you go! A lovely, quick centerpiece that your guests will love. This does have a solid plastic base on the bottom, so no container is necessary. It does contain water, however, and any wood surface should be protected before placing the arrangement on it.

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