Thursday, May 5, 2011

Teacup Candle Tutorial

by The Wedding Chicks

Hilton Pittman Photography has sent us yet another wonderful wedding DIY that you are going to go bananas over.

These adorable teacup candles create soft and feminine d├ęcor for a bridal tea party or shower.  They also make lovely gifts as well, just nestle them in small boxes and wrap in a ribbon for the perfect guest favor!

1. Candle Thermometer
2. Soy Wax Flakes
3. Wick & Sustainer
4. Wooden Skewers
5. Candle Color Blocks 
6. Teacup
Pour desired amount of wax into a pot.  Place candle thermometer and wax into a double boiler and melt the wax until temperature reaches approximately 150 degrees.  Add candle color blocks to the hot wax until your desired hue is achieved (for our cloud blue candle we used blue and a touch of green color block, and for our pink candle we used just a hint of red color block)
Set wick & sustainer into a teacup so that the wick is in the center, and place wooden skewers on either side of the wick to keep it in place.  Slowly pour your colored wax into the teacup. Please Note: It’s a good idea to prep your teacup first by dipping it into a hot water bath and patting dry before filling it with the hot wax.

Let wax cool and then cut the wick to 1/2″.  The color varieties you can create are endless, and if you like, you can add fragrance to the candle too!


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