Sunday, May 22, 2011

Plate & Glass High Tea Stand

by Punky & Me

Tutorial -  thought I would make some sweet, pretty cupcakes to adorn it & show it’s cute functionality.

How to make
Collect yourself some bland plates: A dinner plate, a bread & butter plate & a saucer. Originally I was going to use some cute vintage plates & leave it at that, but when it came down to it I couldn’t sacrifice their lovely brown floral goodness to being glued forever more to some sherry glasses, so I decided to go with some ugly plates & paint the whole construction.
You’ll also need two of the afore mentioned sherry glasses, your local oppy store, I guarantee, have a plethora, some heavy duty glue – make sure it says on the pack that it’s suitable for glass & ceramics – and some enamel paint.
You’ll need the grey base coat & the colour of your finished piece… red, surely…?
You know the glue is the real deal when it is kept separated….!
Find the centre of both your dinner plate & the bread & butter plate.
Mix the glue (use a match stick) & apply it to the rim of one of your sherry glasses (if you have a larger & a smaller one, like I did, use the larger for the dinner plate) & attach carefully to the centre of your dinner plate. You don’t want to be too far off centre or your cake stand will look lopsided and perhaps be unstable. Repeat with the bread & butter plate.
When the glue is set, you can stack everything together & see how it fits. I found this part super easy – the bases of the sherry glasses fit straight & centred into the rimmed bases of the plates above.
When you can see how they fit together, apply your glue to the base of the glass on the dinner plate & place the bread & butter plate on top.
Repeat with your last plate & leave to dry.
Paint stand with enamel base coat. You will need 2 coats – read the instructions on your paint tin – I had to leave 16 hours between coats with mine.
Now for the fun, yet time consuming part – painting the colour! Again you’ll need 2 coats, with perhaps 16 hours between each. I painted the underside of the plates first, let dry, then turned over & painted the other side.
And voila! A super cake stand you can admire, whether it is filled with cakes or not.


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