Monday, May 2, 2011

Buffet Cake Stands Tutorial

by Bee in Our Bonnet

(photo by shandimariephotography)

You have to have a look at this easy tutorial. Have fun.

We made the stands to be a little bigger than the bottom of the plates.

We made 2 different heights for each plate size. So here's the four different ones.

The tops were made out of the smoothest plywood I could find, that was thin enough to work with the trim.

Use thin trim

Look for shaped dowels, table legs, etc

The bases were made out of 1" pine (plywood doesn't work very well with a router), cut into squares. We used a 3/16 ogee router bit to do the edges.

On the tops, we found the center, then used a countersink bit for the hole.
Then we attached the top to the stand with a 1.5 inch screw.
We cut the scalloped moulding at 45's with the miter saw.
Then we attached the trim with wood glue and a pin-nailer.
Then I filled the nail holes and sanded away.

(photo by shandimariephotography)

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    Amazing cake Stands! I love the colors and design.

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