Tuesday, May 10, 2011

DIY Flower Girl Basket Step by Step

by Frugal Bride

Easy to make and can be colour co-ordinated to your wedding colours.
This tutorial uses artificial flowers but you can try to make it using freash flowers.
 How to

You will need
-wire (i used floral wire)
-scissors or wire cutters
-silk flowers
-piece of fabric
Separate the blooms from the stems
Next remove the extra little green piece, and then trim down the stem
next cut your wire into 4 inch pieces
fold the wire piece in half, and tread a bead onto it. it'll help keep your flower secure
Thread the folded wire thru the flower, from top to bottom.
pull wire taught. it's ok that the bead will show a bit, that's why we're using tiny and pretty beads!
                                      the loose ends will hang from the bottom like so
now begin intertwining your flowers into the basket weave
pull it taught
twist the wire
and snip the loose ends, and tuck the twist in.
Continue adding the blooms all over the basket
i even covered the bottom!
Get your fabric lining and hot glue inside. i only glued around rim beneath blooms, so that "seam" would be hidden
tuck it in all around
to finish it up, wrap ribbon around handle for the full length, and hot glue down.
and here it is finished with some aqua/teal flower petals! how does it look?
I'm thinking maybe i could add two tiny teal/aqua bows on either side at the base of the handle.

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