Sunday, May 1, 2011

Escort Card Box How-To

Escort Card Box
by The Brides Cafe
 (image courtesy of Elizabeth Messina)                                        
Materials Needed:

  • a wooden box (Look at antique stores or bargain shops. Just make sure the box iisn't too deep.)
  • green florist's styrofoam
  • a small hand saw
  • needle nose pliers
  • copper wire
  • tent fold escort cards
  • a wire cutter or a pair of heavy duty scissors to cut the copper
  • reindeer moss
  • spanish moss
  • acorns
1. Measure the height, width and depth of the box.
2. Cut the styrofoam to size with a hand saw. (image 1)
3.  Fit the styrofoam in the box (images 2 + 3)


4. Cover styrofoam with reindeer moss. (image 4)                                     

5.  Cut the copper wire into 5" pieces. You will need as many pieces of copper wire as you have escort cards. (images 5 + 6)


6. Grab the end of a piece of copper with your needle nose pliers. Turn pliers in a clockwise motion to form the circular shape that will hold the escort card. (image 7 + 8)

7. Release the pliers from the copper and smooth the outer edge of the copper (which is probably sticking out at this point like in the image. Just clasp either side of the copper with the pliers and push them together to smooth the edge. You can loosen the grip of the wire to make room for your escort card later if you need.)
8. Determine how many rows of card holders you'll need and how many cards will go in each row. Space the holders accordingly. (image 9)
9. Place the escort cards in the holders, being sure that the name is on the outside of the card and that the table number is on the inside. (*Also keep in mind that your cards should stand higher toward the back of the box and rest lower toward the front so every name is visible.) (image 10)
10. Nestle spanish moss and acorns around the box. Display the box in a place where your guests will easily see it during cocktail hour.  (image courtesy of Elizabeth Messina)



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