Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tiny Tissue Flower Centerpiece

by Zakka Life

How-To - Beautiful and Unique Centerpieces. Easy to make.

  • Tissue Flowers (see below)
  • Glass Vases - I purchased mine at Target but you can find them at craft store, dollar store, etc.
  • Curly Willow branches - I purchased mine through a local wholesale florist shop but you can also find them at craft stores or the farmers market. They're very common.
  • Glass half marbles
  • Washi paper - any decorative paper will work
  • Removable Glue dots
  • Hot Glue

1. Cut paper to size. Wrap around vase and adhere with glue dots. The reason I used the glue dots was so I could remove the paper after and reuse the vases.

2. Cut four branches to desired length. Arrange branches, hold in place, drop glass marbles into vase to hold branches in place. This will also prevent the vases from tipping over.

3. Hot glue one tissue flower to each branch. For each vase I used four tissue flowers. It added just enough color. Done.

To lengthen the table and add color Hallmark's textured gold wrapping paper. No one even knew it was wrapping paper, it looks that good.

Tiny Delicate Tissue Flowers
 by Zakka Life

This is what I've been up to lately, making these delicate tissue flowers. The flowers will be glued onto contorted willow branches as part of a table centerpiece (providing all goes well). I'm really happy with the results, light, delicate & airy. Perfect for summer decorations.

tissue paper
string - waxed dental floss works well

Layer four pieces of tissue paper together measuring at 2 1/4" by 3 1/2". Fold together using an accordion fold (refer to picture).

When you're finished with the accordion fold, it should look like the picture on the left. Pinch together and place on its side. It will now look like the picture on the right. Cut where yellow lines are shown, through all layers.

Your tissue flower should now look like the image on the left. With string, tie a loop around the center of the tissue where you made the slits. Now unfold tissue.

Pull the first layer up. Begin to peel all four layers apart (picture on right). Now peel all the layers from the other side. Done.

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