Saturday, June 4, 2011

Photobooth Vintage Props

by My DIY I Do
Tutorial - I was given the opportunity to spend an hour or two with my good friend Matt, brainstorming how to create the props we want to use for the photobooth at our wedding. We have a vision of a vintage themed photobooth composed of a gorgeous antique frame in front of a nice backdrop, with lots of different hats and props for guests to use at the reception. It's important that our guests have fun! We came up with an INCREDIBLY easy, affordable way to create them and now it's my turn to tell you how


Materials needed
- Cardboard. Quantity is dependent on how many pieces you wish to make.
- Hot Glue Gun
- Razor/Boxcutter
- Pencil
- Spraypaint (Various Colors)
- Wooden BBQ Skewers

Prepare your cardboard for cutting.
Please, children, be careful with the sharp and pointy things.

Draw / Trace out the shapes of the props you wish to make. You can freehand them or print out clipart from the internet to use as stencils.
Make sure you draw with the lines in the cardboard being vertical - this will be important later.

Carefully use the razor cutter to cut out what you have drawn. Be careful and make sure you have something underneath so not to scratch/slice the table!

Continue doing this until you have the shapes you desire.

Choose various colors of spraypaint, and coat the props with two or three layers allowing time in between to dry.

After letting the props sit for twenty minutes, turn them over and spray the other side.
Also, be sure to get the sides and hard to reach places.

After all of the props are painted and dry, use a hot glue gun to apply a small dap of glue to the pointy end of each BBQ skewer.

Quickly insert the BBQ skewer into the small holes in between the cardboard. Because you drew your props out with the lines in the cardboard going up and down, it should be absolutely no problem to put the skewer in the proper place before it dries.

Old lady glasses and oversized lips.
                                                                                             The classic monopoly man look.
This project was super quick, fun, and oh-so-easy. I hope you enjoy! 

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