Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pleated Headband

by Craftiness Is Not Optional
Tutorial -  Here's the tutorial for a gorgeous pleated headband.
Perfect for a Flowergirl or for fun.

You'll need
scrap of fabric (mine was about 3"x11.5")
scrap of interfacing (same size, ish)
elastic headband (I found mine at both Target and the dollar store)
pearls or buttons if you want
scrap of matching felt
glue gun

First, cut your piece of fabric out..

Iron on your interfacing...(obviously mine wasn't exact, it doesn't need to be, just close enough)

Then, I serged (or you could zig zag stitch), each short end.

Folded it over, towards the wrong side of the fabric, and ironed it.

Then, I folded it in half lengthwise like so, (right sides together) and serged down the edge...making sure to keep the ironed edges tucked down like so.

(no pic, sorry!)Then I used a safety pin to turn it right side out and ironed it.
I then sewed pleats into the fabric by folding it under every inch or so, and sewed them down.
I pleated all one direction.

I also dabbed a little bit of fabric glue between the fabric on the short ends to keep them closed.

I then cut a piece of felt to fit, rounded the edges...

and, sandwiching the elastic between the felt and your pleated fabric, I glued it together like so.

Then I also glued on some flat backed pearl beads for some extra glamour!

tada! I think it turned out pretty cute, I want to try it with some cotton too, that would be adorable!

Featured on Craft Gossip!

P.S. They are very cute in cotton!

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