Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine Red Hearts Cake

Valentine Red Hearts Cake - Decorating Tutorial
by Fay at The Useless Cook

 This fab tutorial is coming to you from Fay at The Useless Cook. Perfect for Valentines day or any romantic celebration.

  My blog is not called The Useless Cook for nothing. I enjoy trying out new recipes and creating things from ideas I have but they do not always turn out to look the way I intended. I hope to improve with both the finished look and with my photography as the blog goes on.

This tutorial is about decorating more then a recipe. I was given a cute small heart shaped cake tin and I wanted to make something for Valentines Day. This cake decoration would be perfect for an engagement party or for a wedding as well.
I made the cake from a box but if you prefer use your favorite plain cake recipe.

I sprayed the heart tin with spray oil and dusted it with flour. I then placed a piece of parchment baking paper under the tin and traced around the shape, cut the shape and then line the bottom of the tin. It makes removing the baked cake a lot easier. I didn't need to do any prep work to the silicone hearts molds.
Fill your tin/s with the cake batter. Becareful not to over fill.
  I decided to cover the cakes with chocolate ganache whic I made in a bowl placed over steaming water. I used cream and dark chocolate. Becareful not to burn yourself or the ganache.
In the photo below, I gathered my decorating supplies.
I bought Ready To Roll Coloured Fondant. It was so easy to work with and because I only needed a small amount, I thought this was the best product to use. I also bought a Acrylic Rolling Pin, Fire Red Edible Glitter Dust. I already had the heart shape cutters and heart shape punches.
 I dusted the surface of my board with Corn Flour.
 I wanted to creat a wimsical look on the main cake. I could have done it better!
 I am sorry that you can't see the glitter on the hearts in my photos.


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