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Burlap Boutonniere

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Tutorial -  Burlap Boutonniere  was created by  Green Wedding Shoes reader Suzannah of the blog Adventures in Dressmaking, Perfect for any of you having a rustic wedding – and a great way to save some money!

• Cereal box-weight cardboard
• Three kinds of buttons, one of each on each boutonniere
• Two kinds of feathers
Pin backs
Natural jewelry cord
Elmer’s Glue
Hot glue gun
• 3/4″ wide ribbon
Embroidery floss and big needle (optional)
• Sturdy bamboo skewers
First you’ll need to cut leaf shapes out of the cardboard.  Trace with pencil the shape you want, and once you get what you like, cut out one teardrop per boutonniere.

Use a cardboard teardrop as a pattern and cut out burlap shapes, one for each boutonniere. Be approximate – no need to be exact at this point.
Put a little Elmer’s Glue on each cardboard piece (the natural-colored side) and glue the burlap down. Let dry a minute or so then trim off the remaining fabric (as seen below).
If you’d like to give the boutonniere more depth, get out the cardboard again (or use regular paper) and make a pattern piece for a slightly larger leaf.  The original doesn’t have this – it’s optional, of course! Cut out a larger burlap teardrop for each boutonniere, using your new pattern.

We now have nine big burlap teardrops and nine cardboard-backed smaller teardrops.
Now for the sticks. Measure your skewers to 3.75″ or so, score them with scissors, and break. Make one per boutonniere. Glue each stick to the center of each cardboard-backed teardrop with hot glue.
Wrap the jewelry cord around the leaf stem, starting by gluing the end to the bottom of the stick (not really shown… sorry). I recommend one thin line of hot glue, up one side of the stick, and do only an inch or so at a time since the glue will cool before you get to the top!  Glue the loose end down onto the front (burlap side) of the leaf.
Now to make the cute ribbon bows! Some ribbons come already with cute running stitch detailing on the edges, but we wanted to make our own.
For 3/4″ wide ribbon, you’ll need about 11″ from the center of the ribbon longways to the center on the other end.  Cut the ribbon with a slant cut. 
Using a big needle, do a running stitch down each ribbon piece. Cut off the end of the embroider floss after you finish sewing each piece.  
They will be bumpy so you can flatten them as much as possible, pulling on them with your fingers. Tie into bows!
Now back to base pieces.  Glue your first layer of feathers down – for us, that’s the puffy white ones. Now, you’ll glue on the top layer of feathers – these polka dot ones are so cute!!
Now you should have all the piece and it’s time to glue everything down. Start by gluing on the bows.
I recommend putting a tiny drop of hot glue inside the bow to keep it tied. 
Now glue the buttons on.  
You can overlap them a little if you want. 
Glue the larger burlap teardrop shapes onto the cardboard sides of the main teardrops. 
We liked the extra depth this bigger back piece gave, and it covers the cardboard and makes the whole thing a little bigger but not floppy. 
Now, glue the pin back pieces on to the backs of the teardrops. We put ours at a slight angle so that the leaf shapes would tilt a little on the lapels. 
You are done! 
Top photo by pobke photography. All other photos and DIY created by Suzannah of Adventures in Dressmaking.

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